Casino Perks for High Rollers

Everyone has their own level of disposable income with which to bet. And for those with the deepest pockets there can be some additional casino benefits.

Loyalty Programs

Highroller Casino Tips

For the most part, increasing the stakes simply increases the amounts you win or lose as you bet. But there is one way in which the odds on finishing ahead are improved by having deep pockets. Loyalty programs reward players based on how much/often they gamble. These programs frequently have tiers, with more chances to win at the higher tiers. Some of the top prizes can be pretty fancy (large cash sums, fantastic vacations and so on). People who bet more have a greater chance of winning through loyalty programs.

Highroller Bonuses

Highroller Casino Tips

Another benefit is a souped-up version of the match deposit bonus which is commonly available. For high rollers, this can mean both a higher ceiling and a better matching rate. This way, the casino puts in even more money, both in relative and absolute terms, effectively giving you some extra free cash.

Cashback bonuses are one more thing where the commonly available bonus is improved for the benefit of the high roller. To help mitigate losses, loyal players often receive a cashback, as a percentage of their losses over a given period. For the high roller, the rate of cashback is substantially better.

Exclusive Highroller Tournaments

Another perk of being a high roller is an invitation to exclusive tournaments, often called VIP tournaments. This can be part of the perks package available to those who reach the top tier of a loyalty program.

Highrollers can also enjoy rubbing shoulders with the similarly well-heeled at exclusive table games with significantly higher stakes than at the usual tables. Blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette are amongst the favored options for enhanced stakes and exclusive tables.

Tip - Bank Wire

Highroller Casino Tips

There's a wide range of casino banking methods available, but some advice for high rollers is to consider the bank wire. There are some drawbacks. Specifically, the processing time is often a few days, fees apply (so it's not suitable for moving small sums), and you will probably need to let your bank know ahead of time. However, there's one massive plus: it's very secure. Because of this, it's the preferred method of those moving significant sums around. After all, the risky part of gambling should be putting down high stakes, not financial transactions from the bank to the casino.

Improved bonuses and a natural boost up the loyalty program rankings are some nice extras for high rollers when it comes to online casinos. Even with plenty of disposable cash, be sure to take advantage of these, and keep a cool head when betting.