Free Spins Bonus Offers: Low Wagering, High Chances of Winning

Low Wagering Free Spins Bonuses

With online casino sites popping up frequently in the last few years, the competition to bring loyal gamblers to your casino is heavy. What is a better way to bring players to your casino than with lower prices? The idea of being able to gamble and use your free spins for a lower wager is a great way to entice eager gamblers to your casino, especially if it's new. Free spins bonuses are always fun on any occasion at a casino but there are some free bonuses that aren't as exciting as free spins. Below we discuss why low wagering offers are so great.

The Joy of Free Spins

Free spins bonuses are a small dose of excitement for not only gamblers but also the casinos themselves. Casinos both land and online use free spins as a marketing and promotional tool to not only bring in new players but to also keep them loyal and wanting to play more slots. For players, free spins bonuses are a joy because they can get the chance to earn extra money on their favorite slot without sacrificing money that they just won or already have deposited in their account. To make free spins better, players can try new slots without the risk of wasting their own money if they don't enjoy it or didn't earn winnings from it. The only downfall of free spins is that there are most likely some wagering requirements involved.

What are the Betting Requirements?

Just when you think you can use your free spins bonus without having to spend any of your own money or not have any strings attached, casinos will come and attach a string. Wagering requirements are inevitable when it comes to free spins. Wagering requirements are conditions or stipulations that casinos use on their bonuses to prevent players from taking advantage of the bonus opportunities. With a wagering requirement, a multiplier is set to represent how many times you have to play that particular game before you can withdraw any winnings you receive from the free bonus. Some casinos even put a deposit bonus with the wagering requirement. Then and only then will the casino allow you to apply the bonus to your account. The requirements can either be low wagering or high wagering, it depends on the casino you are playing at and every online casino has them.

How do You Know if a Free Spin Wage Requirement is Low?

The definition of what makes a bonus a low wagering bonus differs from each casino. How you can tell is simply by looking at how many playthroughs you have to do before you can receive your earned cash or free spins. Wage requirements usually come in the form of tens. For example, there are 10x, 20x, or even 50x wagering requirements. Some wagering requirements may also include a deposit bonus. To determine if the requirement is low wagering requirement is by simply looking at how many times you have to play through, whether or not there is a deposit bonus included in the requirement, and then how much the deposit bonus is. The smallest playthroughs and requirements make it a low wagering requirement bonus.

Take Advantage of These Offers

Low wagering free spins are a win for players even if you don't get lucky off of them. Low wager free spins give you more chances of winning at the slot machine you choose. The best part of why low wagering free spins matter is because they keep money in your pocket. Low wager free spins mean fewer playthroughs you have to do and more money to save on extra spins and keep if you win after you complete the requirements. low wagering

There are a few things to look at when you're trying to figure out if the low wagering spin bonus is even worth the try. First, you look at how many playthroughs are required. If you compare some casino's low wagering requirements to others you may find that some casino's low wager requirements aren't really that low. The second thing you would look at is if there is a deposit requirement attached and if it is low also. If you have to pay a high deposit just to receive, winnings from free spins then it may seem a little questionable. Other than that, who doesn't love the idea of having high chances of winning for low wagers.

Casino Tricky Stipulations

With some casinos the low wagering method may seem too good to be true because chances are, they are. Some online casinos only have low wagering on part of the bonus. As mentioned earlier some requirements are low wagers for the free spins but the deposit required is high which doesn't always seem worth it. Some sites that give a deposit bonus and a free spin may have high wagering on the deposit bonus and low wagering on the free spins bonus which can be confusing for players.

Time Limitations

Another tricky stipulation that online casinos do is hold a limited time for low wager spin bonuses to be active. For example, it could be low wagering for 2 days or even only 24 hours. Some casinos will only have a few slots that your low wager free spins can be used on or an even trickier stipulation some casinos do is restrict certain deposit methods. For instance, if you use an e-wallet or Paypal at that particular casino you wouldn't be able to use your low wagering deposit bonus in the first place.

Casinos with the Best Low Wager Free Spins

While all free spins are popular amongst online casinos, especially the new ones, there are a few that are better than most. Some of those casinos are Party Casino, Trada Casino with 1x low wager requirement, Bets Casino, Megalatto casino just to name a few. There are much more available to choose from it's up to you as the player to decide which wager requirement is low enough for you to receive a free spins bonus.