What Are Casino Reload Promotions


Online casinos have various types of casino offers and promotions available, the most common of which is the sign up bonus. Many casino players the world over are switching over to online casinos from the brick-and-mortar betting houses and there are lots of casino deals to get you playing.

Once you've registered at an online casino and redeemed your sign up bonus, you should expect lots of other amazing rewards, one of which is a reload promotion.

Casino reload promotions are often similar to the main sign-up bonuses offered to new players, at least when it comes to the basics of the bonus. The major plus of this promotion, though, is that it's a way for current players to get a little bit more out of their deposits.

How Casino Reload Promotions Work

Some reload offers are instant offers; you deposit a certain amount of cash per month and receive a certain amount of free credits from the betting site. However, other types of reload offers are related to a specific kind of banking method.

In that case, it's only top-ups via that option that'll get you the reward. As such, it's always vitally important to learn the basics of any bonuses linked to a payment method before you pick your preferred payment method.

Usually, there are no maximum amounts when it comes to reload bonus promotions but there's almost always a minimum amount and there could be time limits. In order to get such a bonus, the minimum deposit you must make may vary from one casino to another, so take this into account when deciding on your deposit amount.

On the other hand, some casinos will offer you a flat figure and others will offer a percentage amount. For example, a casino can offer you a weekly promotion with a required minimum deposit of $50 and a flat reward of $5.

In this casino, you're better off making weekly $50 deposits than a monthly $200 deposit. But in a betting site that gives a monthly deal worth 10% on your first deposit of more than $50, you're better off making a one-time deposit of $200.

Types of Reload Casino Promotions

Reload online promotional offers are existing player online casino bonuses that are credited to your account on a pretty regular basis, as long as you keep making deposits and playing. There are a few types of such offers:

Free Cash Reload Bonus

The first kind of reload offer is bonus cash. This gives you back a specific percentage of the cash you put down. So, for instance, getting 50% on your $100 deposit will leave you with $150 to play with. The percentage could range from as little as 25% to as much as 150%, but one aspect that never changes is that you'll most probably have to bet your bonus cash multiple times before you're able to cash any winnings out of it.

Free Spins Reload Bonus

The second kind of reload bonus is free spins. In this offer, you're given a specific number of bonus spins for specific games when you fund your gaming account. Online casinos can offer you a few dozen spins or even several hundred spins, but these usually have a wagering requirement.

Apart from that, free spins may also be offered along with the bonus cash, hence making your promotion even more attractive.

Cashback Reload Bonus

The third type to consider is the cashback bonus. In this offer, the casino gives you back a specific percentage of the net losses you've suffered on the money you've deposited.

A cashback isn't common as the aforementioned bonuses above, but considering that it shouldn't have any wagering requirements, it's often seen as the best of the three. But be aware that some casinos offer a cashback offer with wagering requirements.

How to Claim Reload Bonuses


Being eligible for a reload bonus promotion varies from one casino to the next and, hence, it's vital that you understand the wagering conditions and terms and conditions that must be met before getting your promotion.

Usually, you can get a reload offer as part of the welcome offer when you sign up at an online casino. Or you can receive the offer courtesy of reasons like your total playtime at the casino or how much you've deposited there.

Reload offers for current players are usually handed to the most faithful players on the regular, based on how much real cash they play with. In recent times, these bonuses have been awarded to players simply for playing regularly.

Some casinos also give away reload bonuses based on the player's VIP status. These bonuses are usually related to the tiered system and are part of a VIP program. One thing's for sure--the higher you climb up the VIP levels, the larger your bonus offers will be!

Reload offers can vary from casino to casino. Sometimes they're awarded weekly or monthly, but they can also be awarded annually to celebrate your loyalty to a particular casino.