Privacy Policy

privacy policy

Please read through our privacy policy and ensure you are familiar with it. Our customer support team is there to provide answers to any questions you might have, so if you're unsure about something please do get in touch.

Our privacy policy applies only to our own site. We may link to third party websites but these are not under our control, and neither are their privacy policies. We are not liable for any damages or losses that may be suffered from visiting third party websites.

Because we respect your information we will always make you aware of when we seek it, and ask your permission to gather it. Individuals reserve the right to refuse permission.

The data we gather is stored to help protect it against forms of interference such as copying, alteration, and unauthorized access. We keep information only for as long as necessary to provide people with services.

As information is used to enhance our service provision, a refusal to share said information may mean that services can only be provided in a diminished form, or not at all.

Only when legally obliged do we share information that could personally identify individuals with third parties.